Friday, July 26, 2013

Notes from 7-26

Air Server - Work around Apple TV - allows your devices to talk to each other and view video from devices through your TV.
Air Server

Sugata Mitra - Embedded computer in a wall in Deli - The Hole in the Wall - Placed it in areas where no one wanted to teach. Proves people will learn to do what they want to do... Child Driven - show each other. If there is stuff on google, why should you stuff your head with it? Cooperative learning - Allow them to share ideas and work together. Change groups, etc... SOLS - Self Organized Learning Environments - All self motivated finding their own way to learn. Learning across the world through Cloud classrooms. Without influence from the outside.

"A question of attitude, not technology..." Build empathy, cooperation, and thinking. Learn by who you are with.

Twitter as a tool - keep trying it - @tfrimoth
Amazing Presentations Ranging from:
  • Right Brain
  • Through Motivation
  • Technology Flipping
  • Personal Device use policy
  • Web Page - great way to set it up (Based on "Don't Make Me Think!)
  • iMovie
  • Power of a Story, Incorporating tech into daily practice
  • Tech for ELL teachers
  • Creating Innovators
  • Guiding Principals for Tech and vision for 1-1 podcast
  • Webpage design and iMovie 
The variety of presentations reflected the ability and uniqueness of our class.
Device Use - Focus on the Why - Use the actual building data, use research, share the wisdom, and come up with a policy proposal and reach consensus on plan.

Web Page - Don't Make Me Think

Power of a Story - Connect and use them to teach and share. Google is a modern oral story teller - Bobby's quote - Digital Storytelling - DAOW - Digital, Art, Oral, Written.

ELL - Wordsift - check it out.

Creating Innovators - Tony Wagner - Play, Passion and Purpose -

Check out Amy's movie!!!! - Amy, you are my hero :)

GIMP - like Photo Shop, allows you to build graphics etc. through Lewis and Clark


Final Project Day

Sorry to have this come to an end. I  am amazed at the information this week, and the brilliance of my fellow classmates. Thanks to everyone for creating an environment where it was safe to learn and ask questions! Here it is....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving through the system

Why do we still use the factory system? Change the paradigm and move toward creativity....
  • Divergent Thinking - Lots of possible answers and different ways to interpret the questions...Students have the capacity when they are young and it disappears as they age.
iTunes U - great source for curriculum and instruction. Audio! Using Apple in education. Here is an example of a success story in England...

Lit2Go - Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format. An abstract, citation, playing time, and word count are given for each of the passages. Many of the passages also have a related reading strategy identified. Each reading passage can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed for use as a read-along or as supplemental reading material for your classroom. AMAZING!!

Set up a PD website with short videos and info from this class - Thanks Jarod - A great resource for people when they have time. I would really like to do this for my staff.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - Online learning with open course ware. MIT, Stanford,  etc. Great places to go for deeper understanding and learning.

ONLINE ethics - great question - Where does copyright etc come in? Great discussion about online schools. So glad to get some clarification about the law and requirements with ELL etc. We need to question policy and law and make sure that it is not the requirements that get in the way of learning... Make sure the needs of ELL and SPED are being met in an online world.

Web Presence -  Things important for setting up a website
  • Clear Vision & Purpose
  • User Focused Navigation (Don't Make me Think!) Have your information on the upper left...
  • User Engagement
  • Clear & Concise Messaging (Simplicity on the front page) Color is important, engaging photos, and consistent font.
Is there a way to change the content of our school websites?

  • Simple (keep text to a minimum) make the font large enough and move to pictures etc.
  • Limit Bullet Points
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Effective Charts 
I have so enjoyed the ability to keep track of thoughts and slowly build my ability to be an open learner. Thanks for the opportunity to stretch and reflect.

Thursday the 25th

After the technology discussion yesterday, I thought this might be a good article to offer up for folks: Ravich. I just appreciate her so much and it is worth the read...

RSA - Taking talk and turning it into pictures! So wonderful to see the different modalities represented. This is a wonderful way to engage different learning styles for kids and allow for creation.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just thinking about technology...

Continuing with the tool conversation... Passion and desire versus just tools...Wanted to share the beauty of lo-tech with this video :)

More thoughts.... 7/24

So frustrated that my original thoughts disappeared due to the spinning beach ball of death :(. I had a good stream going. Riffing away...Below is what I can remember... - thank you for showing us the light. I am so thrilled he shared his website:
 G Douglas Bundy
We had been talking about tools versus enlightenment. This was so amazing!
Google tools tab on Google Drive can become a game changer. Teach Creative Capacity

All the new information today makes me confused about my final project. There are so many possibilities. New things can be in the world's hands in 10 minutes!

Brain Research
The Arts
Play (gaming)

CHANGE THE GAME! by using the game -
10,000 hours between the ages of 10 and 18 playing online video games.


A whole new Mind - Daniel Pink - Design disposition is the key to the future. The Arts has a place.

Teaching Thoughtfully - Keep your work and teaching "Motivational" Check out this website:
Teach Thought

Great quote today - "If you ever have a truly original thought, you don't have to worry about anyone stealing it because you will be busy trying to shove it down someone's throat." - This is so true because the really original and creative thinkers are the ones that are looked upon with suspicion and scorn...

Computer resources for kids... Copy in a standard and find a module! Check out the student source website from Beaverton that includes student created modules built on Common Core Standards:
Beaverton Student Source - OH MY GOSH!!!! Self Directed empowered learning.

Measures for effective teaching:

7/24 - Hump Day

Social Media - Where are the lines between school and "personal" space. How can we be proactive during a difficult situation so that communication comes out in a timely manner?

What is appropriate use? Let kids be LIFE LONG LEARNERS and move beyond good or bad. Could that be the approach?

Low tech use of high tech tools. Show the possibilities!!

3 prong approach to what you want:
  • One-on-One conversation
  • Administrative expectations statement that is reinforced
  • Support for the change
Be thoughtful as you look to the future. Think the entire process through. We so often go forward with technology without looking at the future ramifications. Use what we have to be more efficient and creative